SELF EVIDENT Official Press Release

Brooke Josephson self-released the video "Self Evident," on Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 in honor of EQUAL PAY DAY. Josephson directed and produced the video for the song "Self Evident," which she wrote and produced. Background Vocals performed by Briana Lee.

LIVE AND LET LIVE Official Press Release

The singer-songwriter known as Brooke Josephson has released her highly anticipated debut EP, “Live and Let Live.” It has been released on the My Song and Light Records music label. The EP is comprised of seven original tracks for an approximate total listening time of half an hour, making “Live and Let Live” a comprehensive extended-play album that gives new and old Josephson fans a round introduction to her repertoire, and showcases her as one of the most versatile, powerful surprise artists of 2013.
“Live and Let Live” comes on the heels of Josephson's pilot-release single, “No for an Answer,” for which an engaging and inspiring official video has also been released, and which appears as one of the chief highlights of her new EP. As listeners familiar with “No for an Answer” are well aware, Brooke Josephson's music resonates with the epic tones and strong, feminine timbres of a super-heroine, a sonic Athena of sorts whose character shines through her delicate style with bold and arresting strength.
What Josephson's growing cadre of fans cannot have known until now, however, is that she is capable of operating on this level as both a songwriter and performer for the duration of an entire record, making every track as heavy-hitting and high-impact as the last.
“Live and Let Live” has an aggressive and beautiful spirit, like a crystalline, seemingly placid river with a torrential undertow beneath the surface. This contrast is evident even in the titles of Josephson's songs, wherein more tender topics (“All We Never Had,” “Live and Let Live”) balance with and contrast against more direct, commanding ones (“Burning Journals,” “No for an Answer”). The result is an energetic, compelling collection of songs full of verve and heartfelt emotion that comfort and confide, revolt and rebel in turns.
Speaking of her impetus for writing the record, Josephson comments, “'Live and Let Live' is a genuine expression to anyone who is looking for an outlet through music. Music has always been my life raft. My songs are written with universal themes inspired not only by my life experiences but also others', to help someone release emotions they haven’t been able to express. They're a way to let [my listeners] know that they’re not alone, wherever they are in life.”
Fans of singer-songwriters such as Kelly Clarkson, Annie Lennox and Jewel would do well to pay close attention to Brooke Josephson. Clearly, this EP is only the beginning of a long and storied career.
“Live and Let Live” by Brooke Josephson is available online everywhere.


-S. McCauley
Staff Press Release Writer

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