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Sean Michaels

Oct 27, 2023

JOSEPHSON'S New Single "Good Kinda Tired"

Rarely in recent memory has discontent produced such vigorous music. It goes to figure, however. Dissatisfaction often prods us into making a move. It’s the subject, essentially, for Brooke Josephson’s new single “Good Kinda Tired” and its companion music video. The latter does an excellent job of highlighting more than just Josephson’s skills as a singer and songwriter.

The camera loves Josephson. She is, without question, a physically stunning woman and director Michelle Bossy does a great job capturing her beauty for viewers. The more significant attribute that comes through, however, is Josephson’s obvious affinity for physical performance. She throws herself completely into the video’s portrayal of a weary 1960s housewife inspired to kick up her heels at last as she kills time waiting for her husband to come home from work. The added pizzazz coming from the song’s video makes “Good Kinda Tired” all the more enjoyable.

It certainly soars on the backs of its production design, makeup, costumes, and hair-dos. Josephson and her collaborators clearly invested a great deal of time and effort in making the clip a visual feast for viewers. She edits the piece in such a way that it’s cut to the song as well. It makes for an all the more enjoyable experience watching the clip evolve and progress along with the song’s handful of changes.

It’s a straight-forward musical ride. Josephson’s never trying to hide the ball from listeners and her forthright songwriting style ensures a wide audience for her work. She’s trafficking in themes and subject matter that virtually any listener can relate with, not just women, and conveys the song’s message with plain-spoken elegance and passion capable of winning over even the hardest of hearts.

The musical accompaniment comports with her style of delivery. Both vocalist and musicians share the same artistic page as they work as a single unit. There are no inklings of Josephson super-imposing her vocals over the track instead of working with the musicians. Ample evidence at numerous points in the song bears out that she’s an attentive singer attuned to the song’s demands.

She’s far from done, however. It isn’t difficult to get the feeling that she’s barely scratched past the surface of her outstanding skills. “Good Kinda Tired” is an intensely human song that holds out the promise of even greater peaks to come, but it isn’t none too shabby on its own. Let’s hope that it gets the audience it deserves as it stands as one of the pinnacles in Josephson’s career so far. 

Mindy McCall

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